This is a letter from a gal who previously had colon cancer 2 years ago, which now is also in the lung.

She only reached us after New Years and started this on Jan 4, 2009.

The following note is only after 8 days:

Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 8:26 PM
To: Lora
Subject: progress report

Hi Lora,

FYI, I'm dealing with colon cancer which 2 years later has metastasized to the right lung.  I have always been in good shape, exercised regularly and eaten good food (organic.)  I was a poster child for the doctors when first diagnosed.  They said it had to be genetic as two other members of my family had colon cancer.
Just thought I'd let you know some changes I've experienced since I started the program January 4th 2009.

1. My upper right rib cage around the bones near my shoulder was often sore -- presumably from the tumor in the right lung.  That soreness has gone away.

2. I'm aware that pH is not a goal as per your website but an indicator.  I've been monitoring the pH level of my urine throughout the day since I started the program.  The first 5 days the test strips showed a very acidic reading of 4.5 in the morning.  Then it would rise to 7.0 and finally 7.5 by mid afternoon.  Then it would dip by early evening, ranging from 5.5 to 6.5, and by mid evening it was back up to solid 7.5 reading. 

Saturday 1/10/09 began my second week.  My 1st pH levels in the mornings are now 6.5.  By 11am  and throughout the day until I go to bed, my pH levels are staying at a solid dark blue 7.5.

3. The other difference I'm noticing is better mental clarity. 

4.  I would wake up with the feeling of a "heavy chest" in the morning.  That feeling is gone.

5.  Even though I eat lots of vegetables, fiber and drink a lot of water, I've always had problems with bowel movements.  In the past few days, I've noticed my bowel movements have become very regular.  I eat and a few hours later l have a bowel movement.  So it would seem the program is having a profound affect on my digestive system eliminating waste.  Yay!

I realize it's still very early on but these are some pretty quick changes.