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Link 1:  Pancreatic & Liver cancer with 7 lesions on the liver, in Hospice waiting to die in March 2008.        
                                 Summary - She is fine today.
                                 Part of the report is on this CD. Click here to view it



Link 2:   Pancreatic, Liver, Stomach, throat, and neck cancer - given a short time to live. Was up on his
               horse again in a week, played golf the next month -  no evidence of cancer anywhere after 14 months.


Link 3:  Liver cancer, 2 major lesions, given a few months to live in Oct 2006, by Jan 2007,
                      there was no evidence, the first primary doctor was quite nasty to the patient.


Link 4:  Lung and hip cancer, given an extremely short time to live, after 2 weeks,
              he started to cough out the dead tumors. After 6 months, he coughed out about 38 tumors.


Link 5:  Lung cancer – 5 cm tumor. Doctors wanted to start chemo immediately because it was
                    aggressive, she refused. After one month, they could not find it. they told her that they must
                    have mis-diagnosed it and maybe it was pneumonia that resolved itself, meanwhile, previous 
                    tests confirmed that it was cancer.


Link 6:  Lung cancer – Given a few months to live in early 2004. He was on his feet in a few weeks and
                                did well until he stopped last year. Apparently, he gave up.
                               We do not know the details, but months later he passed away.


Link 7:   Lung cancer treatments failed, started this about April 2006, he was doing better after that,
                      by December 2006, there was no evidence of cancer.


Link 8:  Brain cancer. given a few months after surgery of Jan 2006 . December 2007, almost 2 years
               later, still showed no evidence of cancer. He was doing great. Doctors were stunned and happy.
               Details are a little vague, but we were told that although he showed no evidence of cancer,
               one doctor stated that Nick was low on potassium, he was given the wrong IV and it caused a
               biochemistry toxicity and he died as a result of that, yet had no cancer nor anything serious. I
               said that they should have given him a banana and potassium to take orally and be done with
               it. It was so sad, he was such a sweet man.

     Click here to see the page showing the report before they gave him the wrong IV


Link 9:  Another Brain cancer story, very interesting


Link 10:  Double Kidney Cancer given three months to live in 2004, fine today and PET shows “Normal
                         Pet Scan” no evidence of cancer


Link 11:  Prostate cancer advanced outside the capsule, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.
                     All diagnosed and documented on April 19, 2005. Documents show that one month later,
                     he was off all meds because diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure were normal with no
                     meds. A month later, June 19, 2005, tests showed “no evidence” of cancer, and there were
                     no abnormalities. He is doing fine and still no evidence of any problems.


Link 12:  Prostate Cancer – another case, same name but different person.
                            This is a different Charlie, also in a different part of the country


Non-Cancerous  Conditions


Link 13:  Autism Showed improvements within the first hour, more as time continued


Link 14:  ADHD showed improvement within the first hour, more as time continued


Link 15:  Fibroids, cysts, etc, resolved and no longer required any surgical intervention


Link 16:  Headaches reduced and eventually resolved


Link 17:  After 3 strokes, 2 heart attacks, totally brain dead, showed signs of improvements, went home
                          after two weeks and ate full meals on third week.


Link 18:  Heart Conditions improved dramatically


Link 19:  Hormone Imbalance readjusted on its own after biochemistry correction