Lung Cancer

Better breathing after 2 hours

On Tuesday, September 9, 2008, Abbey came to us very weak. Her husband and friend had to help her walk and helped her to sit down, clenching herself tightly and with a tense grim look on her face trying to control her pain. For a few weeks before coming to see us, she had shallow breaths and spoke in a soft voice because it hurt too much to speak. Her body was tight and very tense due to her pain. She was on terminal leave from work because she was expected to get worse and soon to die. Her husband and friend went to a meeting. When they returned two hours later, she was sitting on a couch totally relaxed and with her arm across the top of the couch. After a short while, she got up, felt comfortable with almost no pain. Then, in front of her husband, she did a 360 degree spin on the front part of her shoe and went “Taa Daaa”, with a smile on her face. That night, she walked around, felt good, not totally pain free, but a lot better than she had been feeling and spoke with a strong voice again because he pain was gone and she could take a deep breath again. The following Monday, Sept 15, she returned to work and, as far as we are aware, she has not missed a day since.

Her Sept 24 letter written to her friend that brought her to us:

RE:  Saving my life

Dear Robert,

I just want to thank you so much from my heart for what you have done for me. I also want to thank you for introducing me to Fred. Since then, no relapses, I’m feeling great and I have been spreading the news ever since to anyone who is suffering or knows someone that is. Again, thank you so much.   Abigail  


Brain Cancer

2 years post surgery still “No Evidence”

Previous surgery to remove brain tumor in 2005, after which a short period of radiation, in effort to provide a few months survival. After that, Nick came to see us to see whether we could help him. The July 2007 showed no reoccurrence, which surprised all doctors, they were extremely happy and were not expecting Nick to survive beyond a few months after surgery. From there, in December 2007, he went for another scan, again, showed no evidence of progression. Everyone was happy. The doctor stated that the blood work indicated that he was low on potassium. He went to s different hospital for potassium infusion. I felt that was not necessary, all he had to do was eat more foods with potassium and take potassium supplements. We do not know the details except that where ever he went for the potassium, which was not Stony Brook, who ever administered, gave him something else by error and that error caused his body to have a fatal reaction, he died from the complications of what ever was given to him by error. It was extremely sad, he was such a sweet man who fought so hard and did well, he was doing great and it was fully documented that he was clean with no evidence of cancer when he passed away. Just before Christmas 2007. Our hearts are with his family.




Nurse  -  Walking up stairs in 3 hours

Laurie, in her early 40’s, was stricken with Fibromyalgia. She had difficulty walking and required help. To up any stairs, she needed to hold onto the rail and have someone help stabilize her as she slowly moved rigidly, one movement at a time. It was a long process. Consequently, it was rare that she would go up the stairs. She also had multiple pains in her body, limiting her movements.

Her family came to see us, her father, mother, brother and her 16 year old daughter. After about 2 – 3 hours, her father and I went up to the second floor to the printing room. After a few minutes, she came walking in to see what we were doing, she was by herself, nobody had helped her. He was surprised and said, “How did you get up those stairs?????”  She looked back at the stairs and said, “Oh, yeah did.” She did not even realize it. Her daughter was yelling up the stairs, “mom, how did you get up here ??”  Obviously, they were all excited by this. Her overall body pain had reduced.

As time continued, she eventually no longer has any evidence of body pain nor  Fibromyalgia. I am sure that she probably has some but not a noticeable amount. Over time we anticipate that it will resolve itself completely, as others have found to happen. Prior to seeing us, she was scheduled to see a doctor regarding her pain. Her brother called a few days after the scheduled appointment. She did not go to the appointment because she had no pain.


Multiple  Sclerosis

4 years Quad-pelagic  -  Functions returning

Laura is in her mid-40’s, was stricken with MS 4 years ago, with no feeling or sensation from the neck down, totally depressed. We know that is a frustrating and debilitating position to be in. As soon as she started the first week of Sept, her left arm started to regain sensation on the third day, her mental attitude and clarity improved as well. After a week, she had full use of her left arm and 50% use of her right arm. She was able to feel her dog lick her toes. She then was able to get a voice activated program for her computer so that she could talk, which would activate to type for her.

After another week, she was able to wiggle her toes and play with the dogs with her toes, she was able to lift her leg a little with some help, and her speech started to improve. A week later, we received an E-Mail from her, it said “I typed this email all by myself” which meant she no longer needed the voice activated program because she had enough use of her entire left arm and hand to type.

As of the end of October, she can type with both hands, she has 100% use of her entire left arm and hands, now has 100% use of her right arm and hands. She can now lift both legs and move them around up in the air, bend and move them around with out any help. She was hoping to start walking within the first month. After the first two
weeks, she tried to walk on her own but did not get far. Her husband found her in the middle of the room on the floor, she was laughing, happy that she was able to accomplish what she did, and she knew it was simply a matter of time. She is set to walk on New Years Eve and will dance with her husband, but her father wants the first dance with his daughter.

Her cognitive abilities are restored, memory is actually great now. Her balance is greatly improved. She has no depression at all and her mental outlook is great. The pain she had in her feet and legs are totally gone. Her body is extremely flexible and no longer brittle. Her handwriting has improved dramatically, she can easily use the computer now. She has had no setbacks nor relapses. She has been filming and documenting everything to show the path she has taken and to show the evident improvements as they occurred.


Lung Cancer

InOperable - Chest pressure gone after a few days

Rachel was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, with a mass over 5 cm and multiple small lesions, as well as other masses and lesions in her chest. She was told by the USA doctors that they cannot save her life but they could possibly add time by a few months with the chemo/radiation/surgery therapies. She was not interested in that. She went to Canada to be with her family.

While there, her family contacted us in August 2008, she started this program.

By a week or so, the pressure was no longer evident and she was able to speak normally again. After two months, the huge mass was no longer there. Some of the smaller masses were still evident, but the cloudiness and basic masses were gone. She continually feels improvements as time continues.


Bile Duct/Pancreatic Cancer

After a month, scan “No Evidence”

We did not expect the results as fast these tests showed. However, the following pages document the information. Joe came to us about September 10th. Previously, 7/26/08, CT scan showed numerous tumors: pancreatic tail 1.8 cm, gall bladder – 4.8 cm, lymph node – 1.8 cm. in addition, a 6 mm cyst on pancreas, and 4.9 cm aortic aneurysm. Bilirubin was 18.6, up to 1.2 is normal, ALT/AST/Alk Phos was 48/49/361, norm is 40/37/129. the gave him a stent to help bile flow and to reduce his yellow jaundice. By 9/15, bilirubin was down to 1.7, close to normal. However, AST/ALT rose to 55/64, Alk Phos reduced a little to 311.

They came to see me a few days after that, despite the reduced bilirubin, he was still jaundiced. After two hours, his jaundice was gone, and joints were no longer painful. He felt better, not 100% great, but much improvement. As days continued, he continued to improved.

On October 5, he had a pain and was concerned, went to hospital. To be cautious, they did blood work and a CT scan. To their surprise, his bilirubin reduced to 0.8, and the ALT/AST/Alk Phos reduced to 43/58/218. they were quite happy and surprised because they never expected to see that. The CT scan showed no evidence of gall bladder nor pancreatic tumors, nor the lymph node, all clean. The 6 mm pancreas cyst and aneurism was reduced a little, not significant though.

On Oct 29, the Ct sowed improved results again, the aneurysm reduced a little as well., Bilirubin was 1.1 which is a normal fluctuation, ASTALT/Alk Phos reduced even further down to 34/39/195, they were quite excited.

He felt so wonderful, on Friday, Nov 7, he went to Spain for 5 weeks. He feels great !!!!!!!!!!