Hi everyone,

Not sure if you remember the story about a downs syndrome kid we helped here on Long Island, not too far from where I live.

Date  -  Labor Day 2003 :

We were originally helping Daniela, the foster mother of the Downs Syndrome (D.S.) baby, for various conditions she had.

While there, I saw this little boy crawling about, with a typical D.S. smile and drawl dripping out of his mouth. She said that he was three years old with 6 – 8 month development, and all he could do is crawl and drawl, he could not speak at all, did not respond at all, and made no noises at all. He was a totally mute baby.

His parents are from Germany and (I forgot the other country) but non-English speaking parents from two different countries, the parents did speak each other’s language, but not English too well. Daniela’s native language is French in addition to English.

Daniela was feeling better and gave the little boy one dose of CELLECT daily. 

October 5, 2003  -  he was standing, walking, and could say “Momma”, “Poppa”, and “Bobba” in French and English, he would reach out and grab his bottle in a gentle manner, which he never did before. Everyone was so excited.

December 16, 2003  -  he was up to 16 words

Feb 2004 – he was starting to be inquisitive and started the “Terrible 2’s”  he round Moonface was diminishing, the doctor was quite impressed.

June 2004, we did not hear from her anymore

YESTERDAY  August 4 2007  -  Daniela called, she lost our phone number and information and finally found it. He speaks almost as well as a regular kid and now speaks all 4 languages. He kept asking her for that “Stuff that makes me feel better” she was not sure what he meant. He found a container in her cabinet and went “There it is, there it is”. He is 6 but was still using diapers, he has better control since he started CELLECT again. He also lost almost all of his Downs Syndrome characteristics, he has more normal features. Hopefully, but taking it regularly again, she will regain more normal characteristics.

She obviously wants to get him started again, and the foster care people told her that they have never seen this happen before. She is going to see whether they have any interest to learn more about. I doubt that they will have interest.

Meanwhile, he is doing great, maybe I can get a trial study on this someday.

Hope all is well today.

Fred Eichhorn